High life in high lands

Ethiopia is a paragliding paradise: the Great Rift Valley halves the country with many mountains, plateaus, canyons, hills, flatlands, volcanoes, deserts, green forests, big lakes, rivers… Equatorial climate and Indian Ocean trade winds and monsoon circulation make rainy and cool summers and warm and dry winters. The high terrain blocks prevailing winds and create it’s own local winds. There are long convergences, 3-4 m/s thermals and 4-5-6000 meters cloud bases. Plenty of landings, villages, roads, good mobile phone network coverage and above all – hospitable people.

Of course, there are problems and conflicts, you have to be careful about this or that, but at the end, it’s an unforgettable experience. Modern Addis has a vibrant jazz culture, other places are like a trip back in time. Hundreds of years ago, when good was good and there were no shades of grey. Unique and authentic, colorful and contrast with a lust for life.