Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa


Tandem paragliding is flying with an experienced instructor on a big-size wing, designed to carry up to 200 kg in the air. You should be up to 85 kg, wear sporty clothes and strong hiking shoes. Your pilot will explain you how to start and help you sit comfortable during the 15-20 minutes flight.

The landing is also easy: 1-2 steps and you you’re on the ground.


The tandem paragliding flights are done near Sendafa and Aleltu, 50 km east of Addis Ababa but Ethiopia is full of scenic mountains and generous conditions.

Paragliding in Ethiopia on EBS TV

Nikolay Yotov paraglides for 27 years and explores Ethiopia since 2011. Licensed tandem pilot and instructor.  Author of Cross Country Paragliding book.