You have probably tasted a paragliding tandem flight and you like it. The next step is to enroll to our beginner’s training course. There are no age or gender restrictions. You need to be between 40 and 90 kg. You should be physically fit, able to hike up multiple times the 40 meters high training hill and run for take offs and landings when there is no wind.

beginners paragliding training course

The course starts with introduction to paragliding risks and pilot development stages. Review of equipment and interactive lessons of basic theory of aerodynamics and meteorology. Then, at the end of the very first day, you will play with the wing on the ground, feel the lift force and make your first hops.

The first 3 days are spend on the training hill where you’ll make about 20 small flights, less than 30 meters over the ground, practicing takeoffs, landings, and controlling the paraglider in the air.

The next 3 days will be spend flying from a big mountain and enjoying longer and higher flights, practicing different turning maneuvers and landing approaches.

In these 6 days you will connect the theory with the practice and experience the physical and psychological requirements of becoming a paragliding pilot. You will sense the risks together with the joy of flight and should be able to decide if paragliding is for you or just stay with the nice memories from the beginners training course.

Beginners paragliding training course

If you decide to continue, then you should start looking for your own equipment. There are plenty of new and second-hand paragliders on the market and SkyNomad Kenya can advice you on this.

It is recommended to join a local paragliding club or a group of pilots who can advise you when it’s safe to fly and where it is not. Paragliding society is full of nice chaps who are happy to help and share their knowledge.

In this 6 days training course you cannot experience all the variety of weather conditions, seasons and situations, so learning to fly safe is years- lasting process. The most important is to fly regularly and progress with little steps. Pole pole.


If you haven’t flown for a while after your beginner’s course, need confidence or want to improve your technique then consider using SkyNomad’s Paragliding Assisted Flying service.

After the beginner’s course you can enroll directly to our 6 days Paragliding Active Flying course, which prepares you how to deal with turbulence and some hardcore real stuff like spirals and collapses.


SkyNomad Kenya Beginner’s paragliding course includes:

  • certified equipment – paraglider wing, harness, helmet. You’re required to have your own high, fixing the ankle, boots and sporty clothes
  • training by experienced qualified instructors using lectures, practical demonstrations and radio guidance. There is minimum one instructor per 3 students
  • takeoff and landing fees
  • PAK memership fee


The course doesn’t include food, accommodation and transport. These are about $50 per day or $300 for 6 days. SkyNomad can provide also airport transfers from Nairobi to Naivasha.