Optional in-flight photo & video ($20 / 3,000 KES)

Paragliding is the simplest way to fly with a parachute-like wing, using wind and gravity, just like a bird. No noise, no polluting engine – only you and nature.

The tandem paraglider is a large sturdy wing designated to carry two people. You are sitting in a comfortable seat firmly attached to your pilot behind.

We don’t jump from cliffs; we fly! Suiciders jump; people with dreams fly! We start from a gentle slope and make our paragliding wing fly before the terrain becomes steeper. Trust the lift force, don’t rush to sit, but keep running, even if your feet are barely touching the ground.

The panoramic flight is quite peaceful, but you can ask your tandem pilot for adrenaline-pumping acrobatics. You can even try to control the paraglider yourself – it’s quite intuitive. Pull the left brake, and it turns left; pull the right one, and it turns right. The paraglider is a stable pendulum and flies itself; even if the pilot falls asleep it will still continue to fly 😉

Landing is even easier than taking off – just 2-3 steps, and we’re back to Mother Earth.

Paragliding is a great way to heal fears of height and be free. Paragliding is a lifestyle!

Of course, there are risks, it is similar to horseback riding, where you depend on the temperament of the horse, while in paragliding we depend on the character of the wind. Before flight you have to sign an indemnity form.

Our philosophy to minimize risks through knowledge and discipline has led to thousands of accident-free flights. Our licensed pilots use certified equipment, including a rescue parachute, airbag and protection. Most importantly – they’re not driven by money or vanity, but by their paragliding passion. In their free time they go to fly more, develop and explore … higher and further…

Drop us a message via  Qries   or Qries to check availability and book a flight. Mind that weather forecasts can only be accurate up to 2-3 days ahead, so be patient. Wind has priority. Safety first!

You should be between 45-100 kg and fit enough to run for 10 meters. Bring warmer clothes as air is 5-10 C colder than on the ground and our airspeed is about 40 km/h. Good hiking shoes are recommended.Tandem Paragliding from Tala

The paragliding places we fly from depend on season and weather. The main one are Kijabe near Longonot and Naivasha and Machakos/Tala, east of Nairobi.

If you like the flight then you can come for beginner’s paragliding course.