Once you’ve learnt the basics from SkyNomad beginner’s training course and tasted paragliding you want to fly higher and further. However, there is an entire universe within the invisible air full of gusts, vortexes, turbulence, shear, gradients. They influence paraglider’s behavior, collapse the wing, turn it, stall it.

SkyNomad’s Active Flying Course teaches you how to fly actively in turbulence, how to deal with emergency situations, stay cool and even enjoy the ride. The concept is simple – we simulate the bad things and then practice how to recover the paraglider from them.

The complex paragliding motion can be broken into 3 sub motions – pitch, roll and yaw. We learn how to control these separately, how to amplify them and reach their limits. Understanding your wing and its limits helps you build trust in it, make it your friend, your lover, or perhaps your bitch.

The Active Flying paragliding course includes:

pitch control

roll control

asymmetric collapse

frontal collapse (tuck)

spiral dive

The training exercises are done in smooth conditions with sufficient height under direct radio control by an experienced instructor.  When needed, there will be tandem flights, together with your instructor.


You should fly your own paraglider, so you learn to trust it. Different paragliding wings have different reactions, specifics and nuances. It is adviceable to repeat the above exercises every time you move to a new wing. Even when you fly the same wing for a long time it is good to practice simple things like pitch, roll and mild spirals in order to stay current with your wing. Their motions and G-forces are also fun, like a big 3D swing for ungrown children.

After Skynomad’s Active Flying Paragliding Course you can attend a SIV course/clinic (Simulation d’Incidents en Vol) and practice extreme maneuvers like stalls and spins. These must be done over water!


The next step is to fly high and far. SkyNomad organizes Paragliding Cross-Country training courses which teach you how to catch thermals and climb up to the clouds,  exploring this beautiful world!