Cross-country paragliding (XC) is about flying higher and further! There are no limits in this game, just Nature laws and your imagination.

Cross-country paragliding consist of series of climbs and glides, which help us fly hundreds of kilometers without using fuel or noisy engine. Only Wind, Sun, the Mountain and your Wing!

Climbing high is done by circling in rising columns of warm air called thermals, which usually end with a fluffy cumulus cloud. Finding thermals sources and triggers requires a lot of experience, but Kenya is pretty generous and sometimes they find you. It might be even difficult to go down, that’s why it’s good to learn spirals during the SkyNomad’s Paragliding Active Flying Course. This course also teaches you how to fly in turbulence, which inevitably accompanies the thermals we use to go high.

Efficient thermalling, optimizing glides and speed to fly are part of successful cross-country paragliding, but other small things like ability to take off or land on tight places are important too.

The course starts with evaluating and developing your thermalling technique as well as your general piloting safety. Once we’re sure that you’re good with thermals and landings, then we leave the nest and expand our range, catching more thermals further away. The flying is wing by wing with your instructor, who shows you where to go, what to do and advises you on the radio. After landing there is a detailed GPS tracklog post-flight analyses, identifying mistakes and successes, helping to build the bigger picture.

Cross-country is a religion for SkyNomad! We discover new spots and routes; set records and organized sport competitions like Paragliding World Cup and national championships. Nikolay Yotov wrote a book about Cross-Country paragliding, sharing his 25 years of experience.


Once you build sufficient experience in cross-country (XC) flying you can join SkyNomad’s XC Adventure Tours in Kenya, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Turkey…